As part of Save Lucy's education and conservation mission, our headquarters provides education programs for schools,
scouts, conservation organizations, wildlife rehabilitation organizations, garden clubs, libraries, festivals and events, etc.

Proceeds from education programs support the Save Lucy website, captive care, and research and rehabilitation for native bats.

Our programs focus on the amazing abilities of bats and the crucial role they play in our ecosystem. Programs also incorporate the natural history and conservation of bats as well as other native wildlife. We emphasize safety and respect for wild animals as well as compassion and caring for all of earth's creatures.

We also offer programs for adults. Adult programs focus on natural history and conservation of bats. In addition, our president Leslie Sturges is available to present on rehabilitation methods, environmental enrichment, and urban ecology.


To schedule a program, please e-mail



To attend a public program, check out our calendar listings


We use a multimedia presentation and a close-focus video camera so our presenters can highlight the fabulous features of our very small stars, while at the same time maintaining a safe separation of audience and wild animal.

Programs are suitable for ages 5 through 105, but because of the small size of native bats and the nature of our programs, they are not suitable for younger children. We do not have a facility that can host visitors so all programs are provided at your location. For insurance reasons, we do not provide programs for birthday parties or events held in private residences.

Program Options:
  • Backyard Bats
  • The Science of Sound
  • Furry Flight

Program Fee: $200 for audiences of 100 or fewer. $2 per additional audience member
Travel Fee: No travel fee for programs within Augusta or Rockingham counties. For programs in other areas, travel fee is $50 or $2 per mile, one way, whichever is greater.

Please note: Because of the rehabilitation demands during orphan season, we are unable to provide programs in June. October programs are highly popular; please book as early as possible.



Bats in School is an educational package designed to help students understand bats and bat ecology in North America. It encourages outdoor exploration, language arts, and inquiry.

The program includes:
  • A vocabulary List
  • Access to the Go Bats! slide presentation
  • A script to accompany the Go Bats! slide presentation
  • A Bats in Your Neighborhood activity booklet for each student (see below for a sample)
  • A Meet a Scientist reading activity featuring a scientist currently working with bats
  • 10 professionally printed Lucy's Story booklets (view a sample low-resolution version here)
  • A web-based visit by Save Lucy staff and an education bat!!! (We recommend Skype and an Ethernet connection)

Program Fee: Please contact us
(Thanks to a generous grant we can offer limited discounts to underserved schools)

Please contact us to set up a Bats in School program

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