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We Had a Sterling First Year

December 6th, 2011| Blog

We are happy to present ‘the year’s almost over’ report for our first year of operations. SL year end 2011B We are very, very happy with our first year. We just wish the fight against WNS was going so well. Please don’t forget, WNS is still here and it’s still moving. We need to keep […]

A Huge Thank You!

December 5th, 2011| Blog

We are honored and grateful that Penn State Dickinson School of Law’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund included Save Lucy in their Year of the Bat fundraiser. They raised enough money to help subsidize adult education programs, purchase Lucy’s Club incentives, or provide 4 months of mealworms for the education bats. UPDATE December 30: We […]

A Batty Holiday Shopping Guide

November 29th, 2011| Blog

Just in time for the holidays, and with a few hours of cyber Monday left, we present this list of great places to find batty stuff. Let your friends and loved ones know you care about them with a fantastic bat gift, and support a great organization or small business at the same time. Or […]

Check out the bat art!

September 24th, 2011| Blog

ISU’s Center for North American Bat Research and Conservation hosts an annual Bat Festival. An art competition is part of the festival. Visit the images here . First place is totally awesome! And remember, you can upload your own artwork right here to the I Care Project. Feel like drawing bats? Visit the art contest […]

Changes to Lucy’s website

September 24th, 2011| Blog

We made some changes to make the navigation easier. The blog can now be accessed through the left hand menu on the home page and we added some submenus for informaiton about Lucy and about being bat friendly. We also added a Bats in the News section to keep you up to date on all […]

New registrants

September 17th, 2011| Blog

If you have recently registered for the Save Lucy club, and find you have been deleted, please e-mail us (contact info can be found on the home page). We are getting lots of suspicious sign ups and we are deleting them as soon as we see them, but we may have deleted ‘real’ people by […]

More bats on TV

August 27th, 2011| Blog

Check out California Bat friends Cindy Myers and Project Wildlife on KUSI news in San Diego. Especially check out the amazingly adorable Western Pipistrelle in the photos. Also, check out Leslie & Sherry of Save Lucy on Voice of America here. Be sure to watch the video to see Mooch the big brown, Shaggy the […]

Bat Fest Arlington is August 27

August 12th, 2011| Blog

Come see us at Bat Fest Arlington. We’re celebrating the Year of the Bat with this signature event on August 27 at Gulf Branch Nature Center. See live bats, play bat games, take a bat hike and make bat crafts. Go here for more information!

Lucy’s friends in the news!

August 7th, 2011| Blog

Our friend Vicki Beckham-Smith contributed to a fantastic Georgia Outdoors segment on bats. . Learn more about Vicki and her bats on her website. Another great friend to bats, Corky Quirk, looks out for bats in Northern California through NorCal Bats. Her local public television station did a terrific special about a huge colony of […]

Lucy’s people in the news

August 7th, 2011| Blog

The Washington Post recently featured the Save Lucy Campaign’s president, Leslie Sturges. Check it out here

International Year of the Bat

July 13th, 2011| Blog

The UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and The Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (EUROBATS) have joined together to celebrate the Year of the Bat. We are joining our friends at Bat Conservation International to become a Year of the Bat partner. Please visit BCI’s Year of the Bat page to […]

Where have we been??

July 1st, 2011| Blog

It’s been a long time since we updated Lucy’s blog, and we apologize. Spring and summer are very busy times for some bat people, especially bat rehabilitators. In the mid-Atlantic, where Save Lucy headquarters is located, bats start pupping (having babies) in late May and through June. Unfortuntately, baby bats sometimes fall from the colony, […]